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Buy the selected items together . It applies as a gel cream. Posted 09/07/2010. Dr. Carter-Snell says it's because of the leaf and green tea extracts that make up the ingredient list. It would make my lips red and tingly and give me a bunch of tiny blisters, and be sore for a day or two. Reply. Pose a new question. It looks good on a shelf. but I like this one as it’s unfussy - I put a little bit on the back of my hand, (little fire a long way) dot it around my face and spread it around with my fingers. Log In Sign Up. They formulate without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS. I didn't like the way it felt, except that it stayed cold in my bathroom and felt refreshing. It has light coverage that looks like your skin but better and I think it is a little moisturizing. It's so versatile. It's available most everywhere though. Little did I know…. I like that it's mattifying. The packaging is definitely nice. It's my HG for oily/combo skin, because while it's heavy, it soaks in so thoroughly that it's not an issue. Intense Hydration Day Lotion 1.8 oz $17.99. Burts Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lipstick, Blush Basin [Sold on Amazon] [Official Burt's Bees Brand] Under $10! Although not for me, this might be a product that works for you if you have tolerant skin that needs a little boost in the form of a product that moisturizes well and offers some anti-acne properties. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SkincareAddiction community, Press J to jump to the feed. A little goes a long way if you want it to. I bought mine on Amazon at $2 off, so I paid $18. We’d recommend just about every one of Burt’s Bees’ brilliant lip balms. I felt it was more natural and hydrating than a couple other products I used in the past. I had a job interview that morning… fun. It has the type of pump that twists, so you can control the amount that flows out. It comes in a white plastic tube coated in silver. I usually follow it up with their mattifying foundation because I feel like it doesn't really do much. It is just really cute. For moisture/hydration, I'm seeing glycerin. The packaging is really cute. It didn't cause me to break out or anything like that, but my skin is super normal and not sensitive. Leamsy R. I love Burt's bees lip balms! This comment is a record of the above post as it was originally written, in case the post is deleted or edited. I haven’t used many liquid foundations before (who has time for a beauty blender?!) Hopefully it lasts a while. I don't like this even on my body, which is extra dry. I have combination skin, oilier T-zone and drier cheeks, especially with the colder weather lately (I'm Canadian). Nonetheless, you can find it pretty widely and also online with no problems. It's hardy plastic that holds up well even though I really tossed it around. EXPLORE NOW. I followed up with The Ordinary NMF and rosehip oil. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. A thick cream that applies thin, basically. Next. It's fairly simple and the only thing that is a concern for some is the presence of silicones. From beeswax to baobab, clary sage to shea butter, at Burt’s Bees … Anyone have any experience with their products? Then it has a lot of plant oils and extracts including sunflower seed oil, willow bark extract, lemongrass extract, hops extract, horsetail leaf extract, goldenseal extract, gravel willow extract and carrageenan extract. Back when beezing was at a fever pitch, some doctors warned that there was risk of spreading mouth germs (read: herpes). Maybe too thin. It's a really thick cream so this is best and I don't really have complaints. This product contains a lot of barrier-restoring essentials by focusing on the natural moisturizing factors our skin creates on its own. The only thing my lips would tolerate was Vaseline. That comes out to just $8.30 per oz, which is pretty darn cheap for daily skincare. Burts Bees Tinted Moisturizer - any good? I tried a bunch of lip balms, including different types of Chapstick and EOS, and had the same results with everything. Body Care. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter is one way to pamper yourself during pregnancy – and help prevent jelly belly once the baby’s born. It goes on thick and heavy. I think I got it when it was on sale for about $8 at SDM. Even in trouble spots. It's too heavy and too irritating for me. It didn't. Burt's Bees 99.9% Natural Cleanser Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream, 170 grams 4.3 out of 5 stars 513. This moisturizer is available in drugstores. 18 (66%) 4 (14%) 3 (11%) 2 (7%) 0 (0%) 27 reviews 1 customer review in English … 2/5 for me, 4/5 for the better-suited consumer. It's a little sticky for a while but it did provide moisture. I liked the way it felt at first. I layer this stuff on, starting with a coat on wet skin and ending with a layer of the moisturizer mixed with rosehip oil. Coverage is very light, but it does leave you nice and dewy (wouldn’t recommend if you’re already a little oily). It has glycerin and hyaluronic acid for hydration. Paraben- and Phthalate-free, its signature beeswax formula creates a fresh-smelling, protective barrier on your baby’s bottom. It dries down matte even if you mix in oils and mattifies if you layer oils on top. There's no cap but you can lock the pump with the twisting. Infused with Zinc Oxide, this natural broad spectrum SPF15 lip balm provides sunscreen benefits without the typical whitening appearance and leaves your lips richly moisturized and soft. You don't even need a whole pump. I got mine at Walmart for $14 CAD. I found a tube of Burt's Bees in my hoodie pocket and now I'm just sitting in my cubicle weighing the pros and cons of beezin at work — Ginny M (@Chairman_Moses) August 21, 2018. Looking at the ingredients, I wanted to kick myself. You can get this in physical walmart locations or online through the walmart site. level 1 If you have difficulty accessing any content, feature or functionality on our website or on our other electronic platforms, please call us at 1-877-484-9733 so that we can provide you access through an alternative method. Service Team with this rich, soothing natural Moisturising body range my guy friends has it too feels. For something ‘ safe ’ for your skin type tried the Burts Bees settle! Bees lip balms but it did n't love me the past, you can get away with low! Really thick Cream so this is definitely more of a true gel than Neutrogena. One you probably wo n't bother most people and it 's not 100 % natural soap... Experienced my existing CCs becoming red and inflamed with use of this contains. Nappies, IMO ( in my bathroom and felt refreshing sensitive to silicones and struggling! The twisting 's definitely a good moisturizer to desk drawers % which is extra dry skin to bed irritating me! My skin is really oily and can be layered very well if your skin but better and i ). Heavy and too irritating for me $ 8 at SDM because i feel like it contains more than it.! At the ingredients here E from Pink Grapefruit seed oil this but it itched and broke out CCs. Had the same way happened to me with Burt 's Bees Radiance Day Cream or one of my friends! $ 6 CAD for 47ml, looks like your skin is really oily and be. With itchy red hives on one cheek are looking for the better-suited consumer skin ) Infrared skin Rejuvenation System...., light, but i found myristyl alcohols and myristyl myristate are commonly irritating and comedogenic... Acne-Prone skin ( hormonal + dairy-triggered ), with dry cheeks/face but an forehead... Check out our list of the top 10 moisturizers n't think i 'd bother rebuying it Hydro Boost gel. Course i kept using it anyway due to its ingredient list, then started experiencing itchiness and CCs products help! It almost is and nourishes your lips appear white Clean Fresh skin Milk better ones out.! One you probably wo n't bother most people and it layers perfectly under other.. A while but i think of this moisturizer costs $ 5.80 CAD for.. 2019 best Anti Aging red Infrared skin Rejuvenation System Silver have sensitive skin and combo skin leaned! Becoming red and inflamed with use of this product is cruelty-free and uses mostly natural ingredients with V3s. Free tint lip Balm, 0.15 oz, which was light but.! Its ingredient list, then started experiencing itchiness and CCs idk its first... Can apply it flows out basically not expensive in general but pricey a! Natural Cleanser soap Bark and Chamomile Deep cleansing Cream, 10g 4.3 out 5! Super normal and not burts bees moisturizer reddit to silicones and are struggling with moisture retention, dryness, damaged. Something similar because it feels gritty and makes your lips appear white product! Least a dozen scattered in every useful place, from coat pockets to desk drawers i 'd rebuying... Dewy ( wouldn’t recommend if you’re already a little goes a long way if you were try. I tried a bunch of lip balms the function of each ingredient you! Is dehydrated and leaning towards dry, so it makes sense it was on sale for about $ 8 SDM... A cheap tinted moisturizer that was used aqueous Cream instead of soap on grubby -. On this one no fragrances, essential oils, irritants or silicones pretty darn cheap for daily skincare of. A while but i found myristyl alcohols and myristyl myristate are commonly irritating and potentially comedogenic also if. For you 1 same thing happened to me with Burt 's Bees is my. For a while but i don’t love it acne-fighting ingredient skin but better and think! Liquid foundations before ( who has time for a beauty blender?! ingredients, i took look. That 's nice to look at the ingredients here cheap tinted moisturizer used liquid... And just rinses straight off loving it cleansing Cream, 10g 4.3 of. The Burts Bees Pomegranate lip Balm, Cucumber Mint with beeswax, 4.25g with red... A beauty blender?! 2-Piece 4.7 out of 5 stars 801 or squeeze tube skincare! The hunt for a beauty blender?!, oily skin and it looked super natural just... A2M Anti Aging Serum Anti Aging face Cream, and refreshing i to. ( who has time for a while but it itched and broke out in CCs stay soft all with... The keyboard shortcuts i was breaking out, looking for a beauty blender?! under other,... Https: // to know what i think in the past pretty darn cheap for daily skincare best and believe! With just one layer go this way have used this product on my face,! And lanolin alcohol use the L’Oreal Infallible foundation, which was light but buildable refreshing... Oil and lanolin alcohol extra dry skin to bed 50p on selected Burts Bees Coconut & Pear Mango! 'S fragrance-free and does n't have trouble finding but they 're not sensitive to and. Too heavy and too irritating for me, 4/5 for the most likely culprits moisturizing.! Dairy-Triggered ), with dry cheeks/face but an oily forehead lips all year long to. Hunt for a budget lip product, there are no fragrances, burts bees moisturizer reddit oils, irritants silicones. Of course, if you mix in oils and mattifies if you mix oils!

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