hùg air a' bhonaid mhòir translation

Get out my way if you don't plan to make a payment Then I pull up and do it in the afterlife, like how you like me now Just leave that shit to my east side bros Yo' girl could have everything but a title I was down bad on my ass, nigga, that's a fact Killin' em', I'ma pull up to the Lamborghini dealership I won't have my gun on me luckily Too soon, hell nah, fuck the shit bruh Second ounce to eat, fuckin' with my team, I was mixin' perky with the motherfuckin' lean You talkin' down to me, then I'ma show up to your place [Intro] I'm in a daze, I feel amazin', this shit is cray' for all the reds, this shit is braze In the Trump Tower, racist bitch giving me shoulder ups I got Rock, I got Soul, I got pills, I got hoes, I got bicks, I got flows You would get smoked, I ain't sober Nigga I disable and connect like cable Got the sticky tucked, niggas iffy uh, Juice got the sticky tucked Triple nine upon my wrist, I flip the fuck the pastors wife, yeah I do what I want and you do what you can Let me smoke my spliff, let me spit this crack Man I'm promptly shoot you head, hate the sound of it, the cows Pills make my tummy shout, used to sell them by the playground The shit that gave your auntie the jaw lock What should I read, I'm getting indecisive Where I'm from, we don't make it past 21 I told her tricks are for kids, JuiceTheKidd bitch Ju-jump-man (Missing Lyrics), Deal With This Hurt (Rockstar In His Prime), Spark Me Up More Juice WRLD quotes and lyrics. I'm up in Reno, at a casino, tryna stack all of these racks To be honest, I don't think you my type boo I lost my brother to tools, so I'm gon' keep me a tool Life's a race, we first place, all them opps we overlapped People say my City super pityful (Unreleased), Smile to go Yo' lil bitch a hog, she suck on my feelings Pills in my stomach, yeah With a gun and a blunt, aim this shit at your life, uh [Intro] (808 Mafia) (ATL Jacob) [Chorus: Juice WRLD] I'm in London with my slatts I ain't see this comin' when I was out there movin' packs I was down bad on my ass, nigga, that's a fact Momma like "Why you keep cussing?" Percocet's got me too far, they have never steered me wrong You gettin' out of here, I gotta' handshake yuh So I'm gon' Yachty that, yeah I'm gon' One Night you I'm gon leave my kitties on her crop-top I'm jumpin', these niggas got No Jumper, shout out to No Jumper And they hate this shit, just off of If I can't have you, I'ma replace your shit Now I see, now I see, that is the problem Co-dependence, not independent ... On “You Don’t Know Me,“ Juice WRLD details his usual struggles with drugs, love, and darkness. We, uh pull up straight to your crib SONG ALBUM TIME Lucid Dreams. By Your Side* Perc's R Us, That's what's up, never gave a fuck Really, I'm such a cannibal I'm oxic, I'm acid, affin, rapping eh, watch this They just killed my brother, Rest In Peace to lil brodie Whoo Look at all this shit that I be freestylin' and you jottin I ain't see this comin' when I was out there movin' packs I'm in London, and these bitches lookin' at me like I'm the snack But things change, my life rearranged – Juice WRLD. She say she want me to be the one she confide to (Unreleased), Pull Up* On tour fucking bitches we was getting paid [Intro] Give a fuck how you feel, that's how I feel Juice WRLD Hoodie R I P Rapper Women Men's Hoodies Papper Printed Hip Hop Style Sweatshirt Harajuku Tops Unisex Tracksuit 4.3 out of 5 stars 12 £9.69 £ 9 . I'm shootin' like Julius Erving, you know your shit get splat She wonder why I fuck and I don't like it I'm back in, bound to get it crackin' (Unreleased), Someone New I don't give a fuck what a nigga sayin' Juice WRLD ... Juice WRLD… I never gave a fuck, until they call me Young Shud Shoot him in his face, that was that niggas last chance I'ma earthquake, how I shake shit Aimin' at your head like a nigga caught concussions

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